Thermal bath Patince

Patince are located in the southeastern part of the Podunajská nížina and are the southernmost village in Slovakia . The recreation area , located 2 km from the village Patince , its thermal swimming pool , recreational and tourism opportunities in the surrounding countryside attracts for the each visitors .



Turist information


The village Patince became independent only in 1957. By that time belonged to the village Marcelová. The inhabitants were farmers, mainly for cultivating strong tobacco. They developed as well as unique embroidery of the "Toledo". Embroidery of "Toledo" is a fine perforated white embroidery thread on white background. In the years 1876, 1888, 1926 and 1965  village Patince suffered severe flooding. After the last flood, when the Danube dam broke, the village found itself under water for almost one and half month. Today, the event commemorated by a memorial with the inscription: 15.6.1965.

Location and climate

The recreation village Patince is located 17 km from Komarno the direction to Štúrovo. It is the southernmost village in Slovakia. Patince are located in areas with the longest sunshine and highest temperatures measured in Slovakia.

Tourist attractions

Patince offer great beach areas and lakes. There is the possibility of boating, water sports on the artificial lake. In Patince are built modern sports grounds for volleyball, golf and tennis courts.  


In close neighborhood is the possibility of fishing and participate in cruises on the Danube to Budapest. The historic town of Komarno, you can view a unique fortification system and also known Nádvorie Európy. In the village of Iza are remnants of a fortified Roman military camp.
For interesting also floating watermill in Kolárovo.

Natural healing resources

The primary source of healing in Patince is mineral water that flows to the surface at three locations. The first source is located approximately 1 km beyond the village and creates a pool of size 20 x 30 meters. Around this source is a protected area. Two other sources issue around first. The thermal water flows from its own borehole pressure and temperature reaches 26-27 ° C. Sources include the chain of the Danube springs, which begins at Patince and ends on Margaret Island in Budapest.


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