Spa Piestany

Piešťany is the most significant Slovak spa indicated for the treatment of locomotoric system diseaes. As to their quality of natural curatives sources, the extent ond the high level of health services and the general concept of complex curative oare it ranges among the foremost rheumatism-spas in Europe. The spa treatment at Piešťany is based on the modern medical science end practice employment of medicinal springs in thorough harmony with the complex of other curative means, especially the application of functional rehabilitation, gymnastic, manual handling and supplementary physico and pharmacotherapy as well as dietetic nourishment.



Turist information


The first written mention of Piestany spa (called Pescan) found in Zobor Deed Ugrian king Koloman I. of 1113. Early 19th century were the gift of Spa Piestany Erdody, who built the first brick spa buildings in classical style and founded the spa park. At that time he was in Piestany Spa and the first expert - balneologist Francis Ernest Scherer. The largest spa boom began in 1889, when Spa leased the Winter family. The spa has changed the business of international significance and the town of Piestany famous spa town. In the late 19th century, in 1894 there is a symbol of the spa - Crutch-breaker, which is today in the sign of Piestany.

Location and climate

The world famous spa town of Piestany is located in the western part of Slovakia in Trnava region in the lower reaches of the valley the longest Slovakian river Vah. It is located in an area of ​​4 420 ha under the western hillsides Považský Inovec at an altitude of 162 m.

Tourist attractions

Good location of the spa Piešťany have the ideal conditions for hiking and biking. It offers a wide selection of leisure - rest, recreation, diverse cultural, sporting and social life. Spa Piestany is one of the few places where you can make almost all kinds of sports - from athletics to horse riding or golf.


An unforgettable experience will be certainly visiting a large red stone castle area of the 13th century. Is situated on a hill above the nearby village of Casta.

Natural healing resources

Mineral springs in Piestany are sulphate-hydraulic, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, hypotonic hot springs with water temperature 67-69 ° C containing about 1500 mg of minerals per liter of water as a free gas, particularly hydrogen sulfide. Chemically active and important phenomena in terms of thermal healing powers of water are particularly hydrogen sulfide, gypsum and radium emanation.


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