Spa Konstantinovy Lazne

The spa town Konstantinovy Lázně itself is woven together with a beautiful park which is naturally connected with the surrounding nature. The town is situated 40 km west of Pilsen (in the direction of Karlovy Vary) at an altitude of 520 m and remains one of the ecologically cleanest areas of Bohemia. It finds a place among smaller spa towns in the Czech Republic (932 inhabitants), offering a quiet family environment to its visitors.



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The history of the town can be traced to the 16th century when a reference to the spring, named “The Stinker” for its characteristic sulfurous smell, appears. The first spa building with five spa cabins and 22 rooms was built by the peasants of Nová Ves in 1803 where today’s Staré Lázně (The Old Spa) stands. Soon after putting the baths into operation, the peasants discovered that the profit gained from it did not correspond with their monetary ideas and soon they were unable to repay the debts incurred by building the health resort. In order to avoid confiscation of their own property, they offered the baths to Prince Karl Löwenstein, the then owner of the estate. Four other springs are already mentioned by this date.


Konstantinovy Lázně indeed belongs among the significant places of the Pilsen Region as the only spa town within this territory. A pearl imbedded in an attractive, quiet landscape, often untouched by civilization and replete with springs of acidulous mineral water. The area boasts numerous historical sights and interesting places, allowing us to trace mankind from the primeval period through the Middle Ages up to the present time.

Natural healing resources

The main curative methods in Konstantinovy Lázně use the natural healing sources of the carbonated mineral water. The acidulous water springs from a depth of 40 m at a temperature of 9.9 C and possesses the highest content of free carbon dioxide of all mineral waters in the entire country.


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