Spa Dudince

In the proximity of the south boundaries of Central Slovakia is situated the Slovak spa - Dudince . Its curative significance is based on the balneological employment of mineral waters of a composite and rare type which spring forth in this locality in great potency. Dudince, one of the youngest Slovak spa is located on a flat area south of central Slovakia. Pleasant and quiet surroundings with an extensive spa area - the park is an ideal place for rest and treatment. Good access and a wide variety of wellness / relaxation stays make Dudince spa a favorite destination for shorter stays. The basis of spa treatment are rare qualities of mineral water. Similar composition of mineral water have only spa in Vichy France and Japan. The spa Dudince to treat diseases of the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and nervous systems.



Turist information


Spa Dudince have more than 700 years of history. From the Roman period in Dudince are 32 stone Roman wading pools. The first written record dates from 1284, where the spa Dudince first mentioned as "Dyud". The data were retained in 1301, which has already described the use of mineral waters for economic purposes.

Location and climate

Spa Dudince is situated at an altitude of 140 m above sea level, at the foot of Krupina the southwest of central Slovakia. The highest point is Gestenec hill (179.5 m asl), the lowest bed of the river Štiavnica. Spa Dudince is in Slovakia among the areas with the warmest climate in the summer to an average of 50 days with temperatures exceeding 25 ° C. Thanks to the geographical position is characterized by a large number of sunny days per year, low clouds and low wind.

Tourist attractions

Spa Dudince your visitors catch mainly natural scenery and attractions such as Castle Čabraď, arboretum Rykynčice, Trúbiaci kameň in Suchár, Litava surroundings and many other beautiful landscapes. Broad-leaved deciduous forests Krupina provide an opportunity for observation of wildlife, but also for hiking.


Surroundings Spa Dudince is untouched by industrial production. Ecologically clean environment is favorable not only for health and wellness spa guests, but also the fauna and flora. With mineral water containing calcium within Dudince formed travertine formations, which are protected by 1964. Travertine deposits are young calcium carbonate (CaCO 3), resulting from precipitation of mineral water rich in calcium bicarbonate.

Natural healing resources

The basis of spa treatment in Dudince are rare balneological properties of mineral water. Bicarbonate, chloride, sodium, calcium, carbon, sulfur hypotonic water also contains other important elements such as magnesium, fluorine, bromine, boron, potassium and varied range of dissolved minerals, especially Glauber's salt, which creates conditions for the treatment of certain diseases of digestive organs, manganese and iodine. Spontaneous rises from a depth of 57.2 m with temperature seepage at 28 ° C and total mineralization 5667 mg/I. Water is unique as it is the only one in Europe contains a total of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. Water of similar composition can offer abroad only spa in Vichy (France) and Japan. The main therapeutic agent for diseases of cardiovascular system are carbon dioxide and for diseases of the musculoskeletal and nervous system, sulfur is in the form of hydrogen sulphide. A large amount of dissolved minerals and gases, including these most valuable sources of healing mineral waters.


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