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Bardejov is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Slovakia. The historic city center Bardejov was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site . Nearby Bardejov Spa are among the most important Slovak spa . They offer wellness stays focused on the treatment of circulatory system .



Turist information


Bardejov Spa is famous in the past, especially its mineral waters. The first written mention of Bardejov Spa dates back to 1247. This document defines the area Bardejov. The existence of sources of information exist quite early thanks to the fact that the mineral springs lie in close proximity to major settlements, such Bardejov certainly was, and near significant "great royal road" linking the Mediterranean to the Baltic Sea. It is interesting to report in 1505, which states that in that time is money collected for bathing, which confirms the existence of the spa facilities.

Location and climate

Bardejov Spa is situated on the north-eastern Slovakia in Prešov region 277 m of above sea level. Near Bardejov are the mountains Magura, which protects the city from wind and weather changes.

Tourist attractions

Bardejov Spa and its surroundings provide many opportunities to spend time. In addition to hiking, skiing and skating is also possible to play tennis or golf. We have something even the smallest ones, who can play games on the playground.


Among the rare architectural monuments include a group of sacred buildings - wooden churches, which are located in the territory of northeastern Slovakia. A national cultural monument in 1968 was declared 27 wooden churches. Around Bardejov are 7 of these gems, and two are open-air museum in Bardejov Spa.

Natural healing resources

Bardejovská water is a natural mineral water , pharmaceuticals, weakly to moderately mineralized, hydrogen carbonate, chloride, sodium, carbonic oxide, cold, hypotonic, with increased content of boric acid.


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