Eger is well known as a spa resort and tourist center, which offers a wide variety of attractions, such as the medieval castle , Turkish sights , basilica, baroque buildings and churches . Spa treatments are suitable for treatment of chronic perspiration , disorders of the mu sculoskeletal system and rheumatism.



Turist information


The first record of its curative healing springs are from 1488. The period between the 14th and 16 a century of prosperity was the largest age-spa town of Eger. Winery, for which the city is still famous even today, it became important at that time.

Location and climate

Spa Eger lies in northern Hungary  between the mountains of Matra and Bükku hills.

Tourist attractions

Uzdrowisko Eger oferuje szereg atrakcji dla swoich gości: odwiedź średniowieczny zamek, tureckie zabytkami, bazylika, barokowe budynki i kościoły. Gourmets mogą odkryć smaki lokalnych potraw w nieskończonym szeregu małych restauracji, czyli znacznie poniżej wzgórza, w kilku tłumu kilometr wina pivničiek, że prowadzony pod miastem, słynne wino dojrzewa Eger (Egri Bikavér).


The attractions around the spa Eger is sure to visit Szarvaskő, narrow valley of the river Eger and visit Szilásvárad, where is the Hungarian lipizzaner stable.

Natural healing resources

Mineral water, that patients treated more than 6 century, has a unique composition. In spa pools are fed by two springs, both have different composition and properties. From one source of sulfuric thermal water comes from the second radon. Due to the high radio emitting is because the water belongs to a group of radioactive thermal waters, which are useful in the treatment of chronic sweating, musculo-skeletal disorders and rheumatism and also for post-operative therapy. Among other elements of the bicarbonate in the water, most represented by magnesium and calcium.


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