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Healing spa stay from 75 €/night
Stay for seniors from 67 €/night
Spa minimum from 61 68/night
Weekend relax stay from 79 €/night
Trencianske Teplice

Healing spa stay

Complex medical stay which includes not only accommodation and full board but also medical check-up and treatment according to doctor´s recommendation.

Trencianske Teplice

Spa minimum

Stay with classical balneal program.

Trencianske Teplice

Stay for seniors

Medical stay specially intended for seniors.

Trencianske Teplice

Weekend relax stay

A weekend relaxation stay for body and soul, which regenerates your body and replenish your mental energy. You can also relax during exercises, sports activities or several relaxation procedures offered by the hotel.

Spa house Krym***

T.G.Masaryka 21
Trenčianske Teplice 914 51

Reservations by phone +421 2 3225 2328

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